NinjaBatt Laptop Battery for Asus A41-X550A A41-X550 F550 F450 X550 R510C A550 K550 P550 X550C X550DP X550E X450 A550L X550J R510 – High Performance [4 Cells/2200mAh/33Wh]


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Product Description

Compatible Asus Laptop Models:

0B110-00230000, 0B110-00230100, A41-X550, A450, A450C, A450CA, A450CC, A450L, A450LA, A450LA, A450LB, A450LB, A450LC, A450LC, A450V, A450VB, A450VB, A450VC, A450VC, A450VE, A450VE, A550C, A550CA, A550CC, A550L, A550LA, A550LA, A550LB, A550LB, A550LC, A550LC, A550V, A550VB, A550VC, A550VC, F450C, F450CA, F450CC, F450L, F450LA, F450LA, F450LB, F450LB, F450LC, F450LC, F450V, F450VB, F450VB, F450VC, F450VC, F450VE, F450VE, F550C, F550CA, F550CC, F550E, F550EA, F550EA, F550L, F550LA, F550LB, F550LC, F550V, F550VB, F551MA, F552, F552C, F552CL, F552CL, F552E, F552EA, F552EA, F552EP, F552V, F552VL, F552VL, K450, K450C, K450CA, K450CC, K450L, K450LA, K450LB, K450LC, K450V, K450VB, K450VC, K450VE, K550C, K550CA, K550CC, K550JD, K550L, K550LA, K550LB, K550LC, K550V, K550VB, K550VC, K551LB, K551LN, P450, P450C, P450CA, P450CC, P450L, P450LA, P450LB, P450LB, P450LC, P450LC, P450V, P450VB, P450VB, P450VC, P450VC, P550, P550C, P550CA, P550CC, P550CC, P550L, P550LA, P550LAV, P550LC, P550LC, P550LD, P551CA, R409, R409C, R409CA, R409CC, R409L, R409LA, R409LB, R409LC, R409V, R409VB, R409VC, R409VE, R510CA, R510ca-XX187H, R510ca-XX345H, R510CC, R510CC-XX098H, R510CC-XX439H, R510D, R510DP, R510E, R510EA, R510EA, R510L, R510LA, R510LB, R510LC, R510V, R510VB, R510VB, R510VC, R510VC, X450, X450C, X450CA, X450CC, X450CP, X450E, X450EA, X450EP, X450L, X450LA, X450LB, X450LC, X450V, X450VB, X450VB, X450VC, X450VE, X450VE, X450VP, X452, X452C, X452CP, X452CP, X452E, X452EA, X452EP, X550C, X550CA, X550CC, X550CL, X550DP, X550E, X550LB, X550LC, X550LD, X550VB, X550VC, X552CL, X552CL-SX013H, X552CL-SX018D, X552CL-SX019D, X552CL-SX022D, X552CL-SX022H, X552CL-SX029H, X552CL-SX033H, X552CL-SX037H, X552CL-SX047H, X552CL-SX050H, X552CL-SX051H, X552CL-SX053D, X552CL-SX065H, X552CL-SX104D, X552CL-SX105D, X552CL-SX113D, X552CL-SX124H, X552CL-SX127H, X552CL-SX149H, X552CL-SX153H, X552CL-SX173H, X552EA-DB11, X552EA-SX006D, X552EA-SX007D, X552EA-SX009D


  • PREMIUM QUALITY REPLACEMENT NOTEBOOK BATTERY: Bring your laptop back to life with Ninjabatt’s high quality laptop battery – Made of high quality materials, top grade battery cells and packed with safety features.
  • TRUE CHARGING CAPACITY THAT LASTS: Every one of our replacement notebook batteries are tested to meet OEM specifications. Our 4 cells Li-ion battery is rated at 33wH/2200mAh/14.8V – true charge capacity that won’t let you or your laptop down.
  • SAFETY FIRST: Don’t fall into buying cheap and unsafe batteries, our batteries are UL/CE-/FCC-/RoHS certified for safety and packed with a variety of safety features, including short circuit, overheat, and overload protections.
  • HIGH QUALITY COMPONENTS & 12 MONTH WARRANTY: Our Laptop batteries are assembled from top quality material and circuit boards to ensure durability and performance. We only use grade A battery cells that provide up to 500 charging cycles. We’re so confident in the performance of our replacement laptop batteries that we’re including a 12-month warranty with every single purchase.
  • COMPATIBLE ASUS PART NUMBERS & MODELS: A41-X550 | A41-X550A | A450 | A450C | A550| A550C | A550L | F450 | F550 | K550 | P550 | R510 | R510C | X450 | X450C | X450CA | X450CC | X450CP | X450E | X450EA | X450EP | X450L | X450LA | X450LB | X450LC | X450V | X450VB | X450VC | X450VE | X450VP | X452 | X452C | X452CP | X452E | X452EA | X452EP | X550 | X550C | X550CA | X550CC | X550CL | X550DP | X550E | X550LB | X550LC | X550LD | X550VB | X550VC | X552CL | X552LD | X552LDV
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